Samsung Series 9 Touchpad Fixes

Simply put, Samsung software is shit. The touch pad hardware is excellent, and even the drivers for it are great, but the software that ships to configure it is extremely limited.

Have you ever wished you could do crazy things like 3-finger-touch right click? Or maybe use the touch-pad while pressing keys? Probably not right? That all sounds WAYYY too hard and crazy for a user, or at least that’s what Samsung thinks.

Luckily you can change pretty much everything, the Elan driver is really feature-rich and configurable, if you know what to do.

So, to convert your touch-pad from usable to awesome:

1. Open regedit

  • windows+r
  • type ‘regedit’, press enter, 
  • Accept the prompt

2. Go to the honey pot of touchpad settings

  • Software
  • Elantech
  • Smartpad


Want three finger right-click?

  • change Tap_Three_Finger to 1

Want two finger middle-click?

  • change Tap_Two_Finger to 2

(You can obviously swap 2 finger and 3 finger by swapping their values if you’re weird)

Want to be able to use the touch-pad while typing?

  • Change DisableWhenType_Enable to 0

Just got windows 8.1 and lost the ability to have normal scrolling?

  • Change SC_Reverse_Enable to 0

As you can see there’s a whole ton of settings that can be tweaked. I’m yet to play with everything I’ll want to tweak.



16 thoughts on “Samsung Series 9 Touchpad Fixes

    1. Kory Nunn Post author

      You might lose the settings after an update to your touch-pad software. Changes to the registry wont be lost after a restart normally.

      1. Jacobus

        Sorry I missed your reply earlier. No with me they are lost after every normal restart, no matter if I changed them through the Control Panel Mouse -> Touchpad settings or the registry as you describe. Too bad, especially the edge swipes are a nuisance beyond belief.

  1. K Lops

    “Have you ever wished you could do crazy things like 3-finger-touch right click? Or maybe use the touch-pad while pressing keys?”
    No, I haven’t. All I want is for the fucking trackpad to move as indicated by my fingers, to left-click and to right-click. Unfortunately, it cannot manage that – it’s just a festival of phantom-clicking and other aberrant trackpad behavior. POC

  2. Ina

    Really great, clean instructions! In my case, I lost scrolling alltogether on my touchpad after the update to win8.1.
    Do you know where I could enable it again please?
    (I tried reverting the driver to the previous one, that didn’t help. )

  3. David

    I downloaded twice the Elan software and it just wont get intstalled. i press and nothing happens. so in the registry i have no such folder. what should i do?

    1. Kory Nunn Post author

      I’ve since moved to linux, so I’m not sure how to solve your issue. Make sure it isn’t installed (badly) already, then try re-install?

      1. Ina

        Thanks, Kory! In the end what works for me is to go each time I start up the computer to “control mouse” =>”touchpad”=>”options”, click on anything there, save settings and it’s working again, god knows why. Crappy software indeed.

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